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Bus route lookup tool

Students smiling on bus

Sumner-Bonney Lake School District partners with My Ride K-12 (previously Traversa Ride 360), a tool that provides secure access to student bus schedules and route information via the web or mobile app.

For step-by-step instructions to register your account, download the bus lookup app and view your child's bus information, click here. (Spanish). For further assistance, contact the transportation department at 253-891-6400 or

Mobile app update: 3/15/24

The Ride 360 app that SBLSD uses to provide our families with student transportation information will be replaced with an updated app. The new app, My Ride K-12, can be downloaded starting in February 2024 in the Apple and Android app stores. You will need to download the new app to access updated transportation information for your student(s). Usernames and passwords from Ride 360 will carry over into My Ride K-12. Learn how to register/access My Ride K-12 from both the website or mobile app (Spanish). If you have questions, please contact our Transportation Department at (253) 891-6400. 

Monday Late Start bus pickup schedule: View this conversion chart for bus pick up times on Mondays.

** Driver shortage means a likely disruption to bus transportation **

Due to a severe bus driver shortage, it’s highly likely that some bus routes will be affected to some degree on a daily basis. Any given route on any given day could experience a different bus number, earlier or later pick-up/drop-off times, and unfortunately the potential of no bus transportation at all. 

Please note these important items that could affect your child: 

  • Different buses: It’s possible your child will ride two different buses — one bus in the morning and a different one in the afternoon. This means a different bus number and a different bus driver.
  • Bus times: Pick-up and drop-off times could vary and may not always align exactly with school start and dismissal times. Because of the need to double-up on bus runs, your child could be picked up earlier or later than when school begins. Another possibility is that your child might need to wait (supervised) at school for a bus to pick them up. As soon as we know if your child’s route is affected, we will send a robocall to families with as much advance notice we can give.
  • No transportation: As a last resort, when no bus drivers are available, it’s possible we may not be able to provide bus transportation for some routes on any given day. We encourage families to have a back-up plan with an alternative way to get your child to school. This a very unfortunate reality that will likely affect routes on a daily basis. If your child is unable to make it to school, it will be an excused absence. We will notify affected families as soon as we possibly can. We will continue to provide transportation for special education students who have special transportation in their IEP. 

This bus driver shortage also affects:

  • Waivers: While a condition of waivers is that District transportation is not provided, we have made exceptions in the past if a bus is not full. This year, however, our buses will be full and we are unable to accommodate students on waivers. Families will need to provide their own transportation to and from school.
  • Bus passes: We are unable to allow students to ride a different bus when wanting to, for example, go home with a friend or be dropped off at a grandparent's house.

If you need assistance with the online bus stop search tool or have other transportation-related questions, please call the Transportation Department at (253) 891-6400.